Network and servers

More than ever before, your enterprise needs to minimize costs, reduce complexity, improve service quality and add new functionalities. In the same way customers are looking day by day if your company is still a top company or if its staying behind while other companies with the same services are investing high.

I T for London is your perfect partner which offers diversified range of network & servers solutions. Our great advantage is the ability to be adaptable. So if you have a small or a big business or all you want is just to repair or improve your curent tehnology we have solutions for you. We have great experts which will choose the best solutions for you today and tomorrow.

Excellent IT Support service levels!

I T for London is specialized in IT and Network Solutions, as well as support. We help your business share its information and IT resources by managing your workstations, servers, antivirus, internet and email requirements.
At present we can solve every issued using our support personnel - remotely or onsite the same day.

IT Support

Support is one of the most important component of any service or product. In our days every business become more and more dependable of technology. Complex software or hardware systems require constant maintenance and users need help right away. Downtimes caused by technical problems or lack of information have serious impact on service levels, productivity and ultimately profits.

Our experts can give you support remotely or onsite the same day.

You can focus your efforts, people and resources on your core business by letting us do the rest. We will build up a professional team that can supports your customers or your colleagues. Our IT support services include application maintenance, hardware and multi-level application help desk. Depending of the issue our experts can solved it remotely or onsite the same day.

The IT Support Department is dedicated to offer high quality support for individual or business in London.

We offer a range of solutions and full support anytime, anywhere in London, remotely or onsite the same day:
  • 7 day a week service
  • Great experts
  • All emails answered within 24 hours
  • Same day support
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Quick Answer
  • Proactive IT Solutions
  • Support remotely or onsite
  • PC / MAC / Mobile Device Support

Data storage

I T For London offers you the solutions of saving all your data in a safe, secure, fast and reliable environment. We can provide you hardware or cloud data storage solutions.

You can store, back-up and restore al kind of information anytime using one of our solutions.

Why use a data storage solutions?

There are three big factors which think that you need to have all your informations safe?
  1. Internet – is an unsafe environment with lots of viruses. Any of this viruses can acces your informations and make it visible for wrong peoples, even is classified, erase the informations or crash your system hardware
  2. Employees – every company has people which use computers with a very low level of skills. They can make damage or allow viruses into the system without knowing that and put on risk your informations.
  3. Hardware crash – even a company is using the best hardware systems there it will be a risk for that systems to crash and lose your informations forever.
I T for London provide a wide range of data storage solutions and full support anytime, anywhere in London, remotely or onsite the same day.

PC / Mac Repair

Even if you have a small business or a big business when a PC/Mac crashes doesn’t means that the product must be recycled. There can be just a small problem which needs a professional to take a short look.

We have great professional ready to repair or upgrade your PC/Mac and save your money right away.

Other services include: Remote Access Support, Fast On-Site Support, Tailored Support Packages, Excellent Customer Service, Hardware and Software.


  • Installing New Hardware & Software
  • Repairing Hardware & Software
  • Upgrade for PCs/Macs & Laptops
  • Replacing Hardware components
  • Removing Viruses & Spyware and providing Secure Solutions
  • Networking Setup and Maintenance (including wireless)
  • Providing Data Backups, Briefcase, Cloud Services
  • Recovering and protect Lost Data