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Located in the heart of Mayfair, provides complete IT support & all in one services for businesses and homes, get in touch to find out more.


IT for London Ltd provides Hosted Email Exchange, Hosted Data Sync between multiple devices and Data Backup services for home and business users.

How can we help you or your business?

When using our Hosted Email Exchange – this product will deliver your email, calendar, notes and tasks synced across all of your devices in real time and will allow you to access your email from anywhere and from any computer that has an internet connection and many other great features that you will enjoy.

When using our Hosted Data Sync – this product will deliver your files synced across all the computers and mobile devices from your business – you will be able to work on your files online or offline, work on your files on the go from any portable device and share file with other business in 3 seconds – you will be able to access, edit and upload your business files via any web browser from any computer that is connected to internet and many other great features that makes you or your business to be more professional and practical.

When using our Data Backup – this product will backup all your precious files from your PC and MAC and will allow you to stream your music, pictures and videos from an iPad or iPhone.

Why chose us? We treat all of our customers as family or friends, our fanatical supporting time is available 24/7, our rates are competitive and 30 days money back policy.


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